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I am learning Kotlin, which is a static Java. I need to convert my Android apps from Java to Kotlin. Fortunately the Jupyter notebook understands Kotlin, so I can try out code without having to open Android Studio (and update it...).

I have also successfully installed Jupyter notebook in Termux on my Android phone. The fun never ends!


The problem with using Django on a website is that Django is a web framework, which means that Django expects to control the website from the root. Fortunately, Dreamhost allows subdomains at no extra charge, so now my Django apps live on iching.klbrun.com. I have a nice REST app at http://iching.klbrun.com/daily/reading/.

Ever since Nokia came out with their Internet Tablet, I have wanted to achieve the original vision of the World Wide Web. The problem was the toolset. You had to be a pretty good software engineer to get it to work.

20 years later, and the toolset has evolved. First, there's Android. Then there is Termux (but you need to get that from Fdroid). Termux lets you configure Android so it has the same packages as a desktop computer. So I can develop a Golang app that uses a Postgresql DB, in Termux, on Android.

Dreamhost hosts my web site, which I can update via a FTP client on Android. Github hosts my repo for the Golang app.

There is still room for improvement. Github works better on a notebook computer than on an Android phone. So someone can do a "mobile first, mobile only" repo service.


I am resurrecting this blog. Let's see what works.

My smart phone has more RAM than my laptop.

I am running the termux app on my phone, which turns it into a Linux box. So I can build Golang scripts that connect to a Postgresql DB. And I don't need to root my phone.

I did need to load termux from Fdroid, however.


Well, I finally got my Nokia 6. Google rendered my Galaxy Lite pretty much unusable
after updating the Play app. 4 GB RAM is the minimum configuration for Android these days.
The OS requires over a GB for itself. My apps have been running about 2 GB, leaving little margin.
The battery life is good; a charge lasts all day even with normal usage (phone calls, etc.).


No removable battery in the Nokia 6?!
At least it has 50% more capacity than my current smartphone...


I know what my next smart phone will be: Nokia 6.
Too bad it is only sold via Amazon, but my carrier is T-Mobile, so I'm good.


It turns out that the octopus has hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin.
This appears to be an adaptation to living in the ocean depths.
But the copper in the octopus blood is not ferromagnetic, so the
octopus is immune to the effects of the earth's magnetic field.
That means an octopus is perhaps more fit for space travel than humans.
An octopus doesn't live that long, but its life
can be extended by lowering the temperature.


Lady Luck captivates the wise.
See The Signal and the Noise for examples.
Also This blog.


Another click bait test: one day I was driving southbound on the 405.
A red muscle car overtook me from behind and cut me off in traffic.
I wanted to know what sort of fool would do that, so
I checked the license plate of the muscle car: SHAGAR.
Youngans can check out this video for more info.


This is a click-bait test.
My first year of college was at Northwestern University,
where I lived in Porter dorm with Kurgan, aka Clancy Brown.
Clancy was majoring in Theater, and since it was
widely known that his father was a Congressman,
we all figured he'd go into politics.
But Clancy was born in the Year of the Sheep, so he made movies instead.

One day when I was throwing the frisbee down Porter Hall,
Clancy left his room to take a shower, and told me,
"Don't hit me with that frisbee!"
Of course it was my life-time best shot.
The frisbee floated straight down the hall and landed softly on Clancy's head.
He grabbed it, walked back to me, put me in a headlock,
and pounded me on the head with it.
Then he went back to his shower.


I saw a bogus entry in my blog today.
It's time to update my access files.
That seems to be working...


I have fixed up my index page to my website.
Next is to fix up my calendar web site.
I also need to update my calendar apps in Google Play.


I added a "Let's Encrypt" certificate to this web site.
Next I need to create/configure the .htaccess file for the apache web server.
Once that is working I should be good to go.

...and it works!


I am testing out my new blog software.
There is just one more detail to implement.


Tonight I am fixing up my blogging.
I had tried using Django, but
all the tutorials assume all Django web sites.
Perhaps I should write a book about converting
a website to Django piece by piece.